The Mosque in Morgantown

After watching the movie, it was very surprising to me that she got so much backlash from her views and the way she wanted to make changes in the mosque. She was very clear about her views about the inequality of men and women in the mosque and the difference in opinions turned into a huge negative on how he efforts were viewed. It was particularly surprising to me when other women were strongly disagreeing with her efforts because she was really putting effort into bettering the lives for them and to have them be equally involved in there community, especially when they were so committed to their religion. She got a lot of negativity for standing up for what she believed in and a lot of criticism that she got was for apparently ‘making the rules up for herself and not following the Qu’ran in the proper way.’

There was a lot of backlash against her but I think she needed to realize that people of the mosque were not in the most progressive mindset that she was in which doesn’t mean that they weren’t agreeing with her, but they just weren’t at the same level as she was. I also think that she was not listening to the other perspective of the people in the mosque and how much their lives would change. There was no real connection to her and the town of Morgantown so one of the huge problems people had with her was that she just walked in to this town and decided to try and reform the community and the mosque.

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