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With the recent controversy with the Olympics and the female Muslim competitors wearing hijabs, I wanted to research more in depth about the different view points that people have about this topic. There has always been a lot of talk about Muslim fashion and the major controversy about women wearing hijabs, especially since Macy’s came out with the Muslim fashion line and this caused major backlash. The conversation about the attire in sports can also be tied into this topic so there is a lot of information for me to research about this and I can find a lot of different perspectives and delve into more first hand experiences of women who have been through this and can provide a more detailed explanation of their thoughts about this issue.

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  1. A good topic, Geetika, and looks like it could go in a few directions. You could look at Muslim women in sports, or you could look at some aspect of veiling. Developing your annotated bibliography will help you get a good focus.

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