“Prohibited Acts and Forbidden Partners: Illicit Sex in Islamic Jurisprudence”

After reading this article, there were a lot of things that surprised me but also a lot that I expected from a western point of view. One part of the article that I was particularly interested in was when they were talking about different types of sexual relationships and when they listed which ones they consider to be sins. Same-sex relationships are looked down upon by a lot of people in their culture and religion, especially if they have a very traditional way of thinking. Another thing that really surprised me was one of the sins that were listed was if a woman refuses to please her husband sexually and this is so surprising to me because I would never think of it to be sin. The whole article describes multiple sexual examples that would be considered a sin, all of which restrict people from being who they truly are which is something that I have never been exposed to. This post almost made me mad because I live in a place that is so accepting and forward thinking and after reading this, there are so many places in the world that are the exact opposite and the views and mentality is so extreme. I always knew that a lot of people, especially the older generation were very conservative with their thinking and view point, but this article highlights the most extreme cases, and even goes as far as calling these relationships sins which is so absurd and surprising to me.

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