Macy’s Verona Selection – Muslim Modest Clothing

After watching the video of the Macy’s modest clothing line that they released, there were a lot of different thoughts that went through my mind. A lot of things in the video were very controversial and could spark up a lot of debate so after watching that video, I went online and found videos that had reactions by Muslim women and what they thought about it. The reactions were very varied which I thought was interesting, but it also depended on the individual and the values and tradition that they are brought up with. Some women had a very conservative mindset and really liked the fashion line because it was very modest but modern and allowed them to keep up their traditions whilst also keeping up with the new trends. I found that a lot of the younger generation who were interviewed, were not impressed by it because they have a more forward way of thinking and don’t believe that there was any need for them to be very covering and reserved. It was interesting to see because all the responses were so different for every person, and I have never viewed ¬†clothing as a significant topic for controversy.

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