Inside the Gender Jihad: Chapter 3 Reflection

In chapter 3, Wadud really emphasizes the importance of justice in Islam and how it ties in with gender reformation. She mentions how she believes that changes should be made. “If we want change then we cannot merely run around like ants and just be active. We must have ideas about where we want to go and why we want to go there, and from there determine how to proceed effectively. Theory is significant in providing direction and perspective.” One of her main concerns was what the root of the problem is and how to find that out. There is a strong emphasis on providing a plan of action in order to try to make change. Wadud believes that every decision made stems from the basis of Islam and everyone’s individual agency which affects the mentality and mindset people have of the reformation of women’s rights in Islam. This was really surprising to me since I have never had a strong religious influence in my life and I have never had a religious mindset but I could see that point of view and it made me realize how much the Quran plays a role in people’s lives and the decisions they make.

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